Wherever Aaron Rodgers goes these days, he runs into fans trying to recruit him to their teams. One fan of the Las Vegas Raiders gave it a shot Saturday and got a very interesting response.

Rodgers continued his run at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am Friday and a Raiders fan managed to get a word in with him. 

The fan joked that Raiders wide receiver and longtime Rodgers teammate Davante Adams was looking for a neighbor, which got a funny reply from Rodgers.

“Tell him to buy me a house. He’s got that money now,” Rodgers replied.

It’s a joke on Rodgers’ part, but the Raiders are one of the teams that have been linked to the quarterback. Plus, Adams himself seems like he’d be quite happy to help sort this arrangement out.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback’s plans for 2023 are still unclear. He has not even confirmed that he will play, and even if he does, there have been a lot of rumors about the Packers moving on from him

The Raiders will be in need of a veteran quarterback, so it could be a fit if he decides to play elsewhere.

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