The Philadelphia Eagles went into free agency with plenty of questions to answer and a lack of cap space to help them do so. But after two weeks of twists and turns, the Birds sit well-positioned to make the most of the upcoming NFL Draft class, thanks in large part to the ever-savvy Howie Roseman.

The Eagles started the new league year slowly but soon picked up the pace with the signing of players such as Rashaad Penny and Terrell Edmunds. Howie Roseman has done well to find veteran players who can plug vital holes on the roster, but even more importantly, has done so in a very efficient manner.

The other players not listed are former Bears linebacker Nicholas Morrow, who will make a league minimum $1M alongside some incentives, and Marcus Mariota, who will cost around $5M against the cap.

Howie Roseman’s prowess shines once again

The Eagles have made five free-agent signings up to this point and have spent a total of just $14M.

For context, here are the contracts of some of the Eagles’ free agents who went on to sign deals elsewhere.

Miles Sanders: $6M per year

TJ Edwards: $5M Cap hit

Chauncey Gardner-Johnson: $4.5M Cap hit

Marcus Epps: $4M Cap hit

Gardner Minshew: $3.5M

If we take the contract of Marcus Mariota out, the Eagles have spent $9M on four players to replace players who have gone on to earn around $19M elsewhere.

That $10M has then been used to retain the likes of James Bradberry and Darius Slay, showing once again just how impressie Howie Roseman’s ability to build and maintain a competitive core of players truly is.

Why the Eagles won free agency

While other teams have been quick to splash the cash this offseason, Roseman has sat patiently and was quite content to let players walk and test the open waters while holding open negotiations. Darius Slay was given permission to seek a trade and even Chauncey Gardner-Johnson was given a road back to Philly if he wanted to take it.

Roseman wasn’t going to be lured into overpaying and has remained cerebral with his process, which has in turn seen the Eagles not only fill every hole that had opened, but do so in a way that will allow future rookies and signings to learn and develop under the spotlight.

With two first-round picks in their arsenal, the Philadelphia Eagles surely have a few more tricks up their sleeve. Only time will tell what wizardry Howie Roseman and company will conjure in the coming weeks.

Photo by John Byrum/Icon Sportswire

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