Peyton Manning certainly likes what he has seen from Trevor Lawrence and the Jacksonville Jaguars in the past 2022 season.

The Jaguars finished 2021 at the bottom of the AFC. One year later, however, they topped the AFC South with a 9-8 record and made it to the playoffs. Not only that but they also pulled off a historic comeback in the Wild Card round against the Los Angeles Chargers to move on to the Divisional Round.

While Lawrence and co. failed to go the distance after losing to the Kansas City Chiefs, they certainly proved to everyone that they belong in the postseason.

Manning thinks so too, as he heaped praise on Lawrence and Jaguars during the 2023 Pro Bowl games. Peyton, who is coaching the AFC team that Trevor is part of, noted that Jacksonville basically sent a message that they have arrived.

“They sent a message to the rest of the AFC that Jacksonville is here,” Manning said of the Jacksonville franchise.

Of course the Jaguars still have plenty to prove. After making it to the postseason, the challenge now is for them to stay in that position and be able to actually contend for the title.

Clearly, though, Peyton Manning believes the Jaguars are more than capable of doing that. He also commended the system the team has in place and how Doug Pederson has guided his players, highlighting that he sees continuity in the franchise.

There are certainly high expectations for the Jaguars heading to next season, and sure enough, Manning will also keep his eyes on the rising team.

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