On Saturday afternoon, the Cowboys announced that Brian Schottenheimer will be their offensive coordinator next season. 

Schottenheimer was a consultant for the Cowboys this season. He'll replace Kellen Moore as the team's offensive coordinator. 

When it comes to having experience, Schottenheimer checks off that box. Since 2006, he has been an offensive coordinator for the Jets, Rams and Seahawks. 

Schottenheimer has also been a passing game coordinator for the Jaguars. 

Despite Schottenheimer's experience, the NFL world is not exactly confident in his abilities as a play-caller. 

"Anytime you can go from Kellen Moore to Brian Schottenheimer you just have to do it," Matt O'Leary sarcastically said. 

Rodger Sherman tweeted, "When will the fact that Brian Schottenheimer has never done a good job once in 20+ years in the NFL prevent him from getting other important jobs."

"Mike McCarthy calling plays with Brian Schottenheimer as offensive coordinator," Brenden Deeg wrote. "What could go wrong?"

As always, it'll be Super Bowl or bust for the Cowboys next season. 

It's up to Mike McCarthy and his new-look staff to get the job done in Dallas. 

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