The New York Jets have yet to complete a trade for Aaron Rodgers since the quarterback revealed his plans to play for them in 2023.

Although a deal isn't done, Jets head coach Robert Saleh reflected on the significance of a four-time MVP quarterback wanting to join his team.

"Two years ago when we first got there, just thinking about where we were and how far we’ve come, to have a guy like him want to play for us is pretty cool and shows how far we’ve come," Saleh said, per's Judy Battista.

Onlookers responded to Saleh magnifying the progress the Jets have made in the last two years.

"That’s a good point," Ian Rapoport responded.

"It’s kind of exactly what the goal was when Saleh was hired," a fan said. "Dude was hailed as a culture changer and he delivered."

"I agree, and NYJ shouldn’t let two second picks come between that," another fan wrote.

"Ah yes, the Jets coach further pushing leverage in GB's favor," a fan theorized.

"Two years ago the Jets best offensive player was probably Jamison Crowder, which goes to show how much better of a situation Aaron Rodgers would find himself in," writer Conor Sheeran noted.

The Jets went 2-14 in 2020 before hiring Saleh. They haven't posted a winning record or finished higher than No. 25 in total offense since 2015.

However, their fourth-ranked defense made major strides last season. Although the offense struggled behind subpar quarterback play, the Jets drafted two skill-position studs in running back Breece Hall and wide receiver Garrett Wilson.

New York also signed Allen Lazard, who led the Green Bay Packers in receiving last season. Put it all together, and Rodgers may be the missing ingredient to snapping the league's longest playoff drought.

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