The Super Bowl is just around the corner, and the Kansas City Chiefs are taking on the Philadelphia Eagles.

One Utah High school has two former football players headed to the big game.

Stansbury High School is home of the stallions. While their stadium is quiet and snow-covered in February, there's still a lot to talk about off the field.

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Clint Christiansen retired from coaching several years ago, but he's celebrating two of his players heading to the Super Bowl.

Zayne Anderson graduated from Stansbury High in 2015. He was a running back and outside linebacker for the team. Now, he's a second-year defensive back for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Sua Opeta graduated from Stansbury in 2014. He played on both sides of the line, on both offense and defense, for the stallions. Now, he's a guard for the Philadelphia Eagles.

"Sua's this big, quiet, and humble guy," Christiansen said. "Zayne's got this electric smile, and he was always a happy kid. I call them both kids because they're still kids to me, but they're men now."

The coach couldn't be more proud.

"It's every kid's dream to get to this point, and when you actually can say you know two guys in the NFL who are going to the Super Bowl, and you had a chance to play a small part in their lives, it's pretty special," Christiansen said. "They're still both humble guys and grateful for the opportunities they're getting."

When we asked which team Christiansen is rooting for, he said, "I just hope it's a good game, and doesn't get too lopsided one way or the other."

No matter who wins, Stansbury High has a lot to be proud of.

After high school, Anderson went on to play college football at BYU and Sua Opeta played for the Weber State Wildcats.

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